Monday, February 18, 2013

From Seb: 15mm Chinese General, Supply Wagon & Renaissance Commanders (73 points)

 From Seb:
It's been a few days since my last entry. I was feeling a bit down, and wasn't much interested in painting. Let's hope the mojo's back. You'll have to excuse the crappy quality of the pics, but I didn't have access to my usual place. First, I've finished the Chinese general for my friend Chris, a pretty simple base, with  4 Museum minis. 
Then, A wagon with driver for my camp, again from Museum, but I added a Donnington. 

And finally, my generals! 4 bases of three horsemen, and 3 flags. On one of the pictures, you can see the Condé from Testudo. He's quite nice and was easy to paint. For the flags, I admit I'm wrong, because those are infantry flags. But I wanted to be sure to differentiate them from my cavalry units. 

So, to sum up: 6 foot, 12 mounted, 1 wagon and two horses, plus 3 flags in 15mm. Not bad hey?
The good thing is, my French army is now finished! I can now finish my cold war French, finish painting your Ronin (almost done), and then start my new project in 15mm: just a clue, it's an Ancients army, rarely seen on the tables, but there is a good modelling challenge. And No Tamsin, you can't say a word!
That's a very nice mix of figures and periods Seb! All are lovely but I have a particular soft spot for REMFs and that barrel wagon is excellent. 

This submission from Seb will provide him with 73 points.


  1. That wagon really is great, I love Museums wagons they really look the part


  2. A fine assortment of figures. Bravo Seb! Lots of animation in those cavalry stands. I'm hoping those barrels are full of beer, that would be a great objective to fight over. :)

  3. Great painting Seb, I'm intrigued about the new period???


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