Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses & 54mm English Civil War (300 points)

From Kevin:
Here we go, I'm back. Now, first up Wars of the Roses Shire Levy Bowmen (Oxfords). 28mm Perry's. 20 miniatures with command from various townships within the Earl of Oxford's shire. All bows are strung. Flag by me.

Followed by more 54mm, as promised. Figures by "A Call to Arms" plastics. The first 6 stands of Green Regiment Shotte to go with the previous Green pike.

Another wonderful selection of figures from these two periods by Kevin. The archers are brilliant but I have to say that I'm really taken by these 54mm figures - they look just amazing.

This selection will give Kev a base of 280 points but I'm adding a little extra for the work gone into stringing the bows and the custom banner. Well done!


  1. another great entry Kev, loving the 54mm

  2. You must be mad stringing the bows!!!! But great work though Kev!

    1. Cheers Ray, well the customer requested them strung, so I gotta do it.
      They do look nicer though.

  3. Both lots look great, really like the ECW


  4. Well they had been sat on my bench for 2 weeks bud.
    I did a bit of burning the midnight oil, lol.
    Still not caught up though, but getting there.
    Btw, I need some more brushes....

  5. Lovely work all around Kev. Really like the shade of green you managed on the shotte boys.


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