Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From Kawe: 28mm Napoleonic French Engineer Vignette (65 points)

Kawe takes the Enest Hemmingway Prize for the most succinct submission description:
It's the old and new engineer-sets from Westfalia.

Okaay! The brevity in prose is more than outweighed by the gorgeous work here. Wow, I was going to hold off on getting one of those French wagons but now I think I'll have to reconsider. Absolutely lovely. The addition of the wheelbarrow, picks, etc. is also a great touch.

This group of sappers will give Kawe 65 points, which includes some extra added for the overall composition of the vignette. Again, great job!

PS: Kawe, if you ever get out of the miniatures busines you can always write scripts for William Shatner or Clint Eastwood.


  1. That is fantastic, I can see why you let the pics do the talking!


  2. Wow that's gorgeous, really nice job there.

  3. Men like Clint Eastwood, William Shattner, and indeed Kawe Weissi-Zadeh don't need many words to get the message across.

    With this in mind: Thanks gents! :--)

  4. That is really special, Kawe!

    You're one of those old school chaps who let your actions speak for you. Well, I can hear you loud and clear!

  5. great entry, love the whole scene and the painting matches the layout
    Peace James

  6. Terrific job, I was not planning on get these figures, but I will have to make an order now, just fantastic.


  7. Thank you for the kind words Gentlemen!

  8. That is really lovely, fantastic, fantastic composition and painting.

  9. Nice work, an unusual set of figures!

  10. Clearly a man who lets his brushes speak for him! Well done.


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