Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From IanW: 15mm WWII American and German Sniper Markers & Infantry Support Teams (158 points)

Its been a bit since my last submission but I have been still painting LOL
So here we have 40 15mm Forged in Battle Americans and 36 Germans. I have one of the missing 4 Germans painted awaiting his loader but the other two won't be done. One is missing his face details and the other is crouched with his hands together as if using a MG or something but no weapon for it.
These figures have a lot of detail and the flash is not to bad though I did miss a few mold lines!
These are to be used in ASL as 3D snipers and will be put on the board unlike the Sniper Reminders that are usually at the elbow of the player to remind them of their SAN numbers. I actually used two Sunday night so some have been used before getting on the blog.
I had the bases made by Warbases custom for the job. A few figures though would not fit on these so I have just based them up normally. I am getting the urge to try out some form of skirmish WWII and I think such as these figures will do the job. At least then vehicles can be used and not require a tennis court to play it on.

Next up will be their 28mm brothers which have been painted longer but I was out of bases.

Great work Ian! I quite like how those sniper markers look on the ASL playing boards - very sharp.

This swarm of 15mm figures will give Ian 158 points to add to his points tally.


  1. great looking markers look forward to seeing the 28mm ones

  2. The 28's just need the extra bits on the bases, well the ones I have based do



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