Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Mortar Platoon (27 points)

From Greg:
Some support for the infantry platoons with three German mortar teams and two command teams. These are all Battlefront castings

Each Battlefront platoon pack comes with all sorts of command figures - the Flames of War game seems to assign multiple command stands to every infantry element. So these command stands are surplus from the recent painting efforts, and they will make good command elements for Spearhead games. 

The mortars will come in handy against all those Russians from my earlier submission :-)
Very nice unit Greg! It's great to see some 'garden variety' Heer infantry and you've really nailed the feldgrau shade on these lads' uniform. Well done.

This platoon of mortars will give Greg 27 points.


  1. More great painting, I also think you got the feldgrau down


  2. Great work on the uniforms Greg. That's not an easy colour to get right, but you seem to have pulled it off like a pro :)

  3. Good stuff Greg. Like the uniform colours and the muted basing.
    I have that set as well and always wonder why BF gives you so many command figures. As you say, useful for other purposes.

  4. great detail on all the figures
    Peace James

  5. Nice work Greg, love the basing too!


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