Monday, February 4, 2013

From TamsinP: 15mm Swiss Halberdiers (64 points)

From Tamsin:
Is there any sight more certain to inspire terror in the hearts, minds and bladders of medieval Austrians, Burgundians, Italians, pretty much anybody in medieval Europe than a phalanx of Swiss halberdiers using both hands to wave their big choppers at you? What's that? Oh, yes, a phalanx of Swiss pikemen holding their huge poles with both hands and pointing them threateningly at you. I'll give you that one, but you'll have to wait a little while for me to present any of them here! 

Figures are (as usual) from the Donnington New Era range. These were very nice and quick to paint up. The colours of all the cantons at Morat are represented here in this group.

For the basing, I figured that with so many troops on such a narrow base, that the larger rocks I'd used for the crossbowmen bases would be a bit too much. Instead I used coarse ballast here, but may have added a bit too much.

I'll not murmur a word on Tamsin's opening paragraph other than to say that I look forward to seeing the rest of her Swiss contingent, waving their huge two-handed pole-arms - or not. Actually, this whole topic makes me want to cross my legs...

Nice work Tamsin! I quite like the splash of colour from their quartered livery and I think your groundwork looks great  - nothing heavy handed there.

These Swiss halberdiers will give Tamsin 64 points.

Also, Tamsin has raised her points Challenge Par from 800 to 1600.  Bravo Tamsin and good luck! 

Since there have been a few people who have done the same I will be adding an upward arrow (⇧) on the points roster to denote those who have increased their challenge Par or a check mark (✔) for those who have met their goal. I know I may have forgotten some of those who have increased their Par so please send me in a note to remind me.


  1. Don't worry Curt - they won't put those halberds innuendo! ;)

    btw, I think you may need a new calculator - I was on 676 points, so should be on 740 now! :)

    1. Calculator's fine, its the noodle behind it that is faulty! Thanks for catching that. Too many cold meds making me fuddlebrained...

  2. After reading about what happened to King Richard III post-mortem, I'd be worried by any peasant-types waving halberds in my direction. Lovely work there, Tamsin!

    I like your innovation with the scorecard, too, Curt!

  3. Great entry Tamsin. These guys are excellent.

  4. I agree with Curt, the basing is spot on, great colour and painting. i think your painting and basing actually has gone up a few notches over the time I have followed you


  5. Good stuff Tasmin, and good on you for raising your Par great to see people pushing themselves
    Peace James

  6. Nice work Tamsin, some great painting!


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