Monday, February 4, 2013

From JohnM: 'Clever Boy' Viking and Fleming & Ronin #19 (32 points)

From John:
Just 3 figures up next. I recently had a small contest on my blog entitled "A Clever Boy", it entailed answering two questions about some Flemish Mercenaries, I had painted earlier for the Painting Challenge. The winners were David K and Curt C as detailed here in this post.
David asked for a SAGA Viking and Curt wanted a Fleming. Unfortunately I had neither, but I had two Saxons that would do. For David, we have a Viking Bannerman, the latest rendition of SAGA has special rules for Bannerman, so I hope David finds it useful. For Curt we have a Flemish Captain, bearing the arms of the town off Saint-Simon in Picardie, part of historic Flanders.

And finally we have the price of admission to the Painting Challenge: one 28mm Samurai. I am by no means a free hand painter, so I had to pick a family with an easy to paint Sashimono. I was always intrigued by Okudaira Sadamasa's leadership in the seige of Nagashino Castle. Oda Nobunaga was so impressed he gave the Sadamasa the honour of changing is name to Okudaira Nobumasa, thus becoming part of his family. If I remember correctly this seige is retold in my favourite Akira Kurosawa film, Kagemusha.
All the photos are extreme close-ups with many blemishing, but I am hoping the recipients find them of good wargaming standard.

Very lovely stuff John and thank you so much for the figures. These are waaaay above 'wargaming standard', and I'm afraid I don't really deserve any 'clever boy' moniker, but I'll happily take both the kudos and figures and run! 

BTW, you seem to be getting on well with your new camera - those macro shots turned out quite nicely.

This fine trio of figures will give John 32 points.


  1. Beautifully painted figures - the Benty-Grange helmet looks great! Dean

  2. Lovely work all around. You've done an amazing job on the samurai. I am nervously awaiting my samurai figures from TAG, and worried I can do them justice. You're not helping! :)

  3. These are smashing. I recognise that Flemish chap's helmet - it looks like the Sutton Hoo helmet.

    Kagemusha is a great film, tempted to watch it again now!

    1. On our last trip to London Sarah and I found ourselves in front of the British Museum at about 15 minutes before close. We are both great admireres of Dark Age art/design so we looked at eachother, nodded, and made a mad dash to the Sutton Hoo exhibit - arriving just in time to linger a few minutes in front of the famed helmet.

      I'm sure some of the securtiy people were wanting to tackle us on run in and we laughed our heads off about it later.

  4. Nice work John, three great looking figures!

  5. These are great, way above wargames standard



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