Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From IanH: Banditos, French Napoleonics and Cloning Tanks (100 points)

The Hawkins Brothers are out in force today. Ian matches pace with Phil with this excellent and ecclectic submission.

From Ian:

First up I've some Mexican Banditos, these are a mix of old Black Scorpion Metals left over from a Wild West project a couple of years back and some brand new Blackwater Gulch miniatures from their kickstarter that ran last year. They were a blast to paint, I tried to stay true to my previous paint job whilst throwing in some brighter colours such as the mustard yellow shirts and Turquoise Corset on the lass.

Next I've a couple of bits of scenery, some cloning tanks (see begining of post) from Westwind Productions. I needed to get these done for some Weird WW2 Gaming in a couple of weeks so I had to slot them in as they're one of the objectives. They've got miniatures inside them so I'm sure that counts ;-)
Finally I've some more Napoleonic French, A Mounted Infantry Colonel and another 8pd Cannon with Crew, these are all from Perry Miniatures as are most of my non-plastic French forces. 

Looking at whats coming up I may have overstocked up a little so it's going to have to be nose to the grindstone for a week or so to plow through a load more miniatures.
Lovely work Ian. I'll always have a soft spot for Napoleonics, but those cloning tanks are the bomb - what a hoot! I gotta get a set for my 'Strange Aeons' games...

This group will give Ian 100 points. Great job! Now, back to the paint-desk and put your shoulder to the wheel...


  1. Oh those Blackwater Gultch figures look nice...another thing for the shopping list.

  2. What a mix and all so well painted. Those cloning tanks really are great. but then again so are the rest.


  3. A terrific entry. The cloning tanks kind of freak me out, your choice of a brown palette for the horrors inside them is quite clever. I am quite smitten by the dusky lady with the hot drink!

  4. Can't believe you're allowing the cloning tanks! They're blatantly terrain.

    My darned brother is putting me to shame. Oh, such shame!

  5. Holy cow - that is beautiful. I especially love the French officer.

    Also the cloning chambers - where are those from?

  6. great work love the Nap stuff and the Mex figures are a new supplier to me look fine

  7. Thanks all,

    @ Greg B, Westwind Productions here:

    The Blackwater Gulch minis are ok, not as nice as Artizan or Black Scorpion, the casting wasn't as crisp and they are a little slight, they also do not fit together that well I had to snip several of the joints and reset them to make them look ok.

    @Michael Peterson I was amazed she came out that well, the artwork for her was brilliant but the sculpt came out a little clunky in comparison.


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