Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From TimG: 1/72 scale Spitfire Mk IX (15 points)

From Tim:
The latest product of my Winter Aircraft Project is this rather disreputable looking Airfix Spitfire Mk.IX. It's original owner had fairly slapped on the paint and there was an large and unexplained hole in the engine cowling (very accurate flak perhaps?). 
After dealing with the damage I applied a basic paint scheme. Even the canopy had to be painted as there was a fair bit of glue on it. Decals were sourced from ther decal box and are (for a change) not the usual JE-J supplied with the kit.

The end result might not look great, but it'll do for gaming purposes and it is rather better than the Mk.IX which was the first kit I built (unsupervised!) as a 6 year old in the early 1970s...
Good work Tim. Its nice to see these old birds getting spruced up and put back into service.

This Spitfire will give Tim 15 points to add to his tally.


  1. Good work, will you be doing a group shot at the end? Also how much space have you got to play a game with them?


  2. I'll certainly be posting a group 'fly past' when they're all done. No real game plans as such - but I'm rather enjoying bringing these shabby old kits back to life.

  3. great to see old kits getting new life, keep up the good work


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