Sunday, February 3, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Australian Pacific Theater Infantry (210 points)

Here is another big entry from one of our points leaders. Chris sends in this impressive force of WWII Pacific Theater Australians.

From Chris:
So, some more stuff from me. This time it is half a platoon of 28mm Australians in the Pacific War. The Australians fought in Africa in the Second World War, most famously holding Tobruk and the right flank at Alamein (doing very well both times), before being redeployed to the Pacific to counter the Japanese advance into Papua.
In the Pacific theatre, the Australians fought bravely against the impossible conditions and the tenacious enemy, battles over the Kokoda track have become legendary for the Australians.
These guys are from a bit later on in the conflict, due to their heavier weapons in the form of Owen SMGs, Bren Guns (rather than a Lewis) and the bush hats! It is an interesting historical argument about the famous Australian slouch hat. Certainly in Africa, the Australians only wore their slouch hats when in the rear, they knew full well how good a helmet was! But in the pacific war, the large tin hat often rattled, fell off or generally made a whole host of annoying noises which would give their position away. So much so, that (from what I have read/researched) that they often wore the slouch hat rather than the helment. Historical arguments aside, the slouch hat is just cool!
These miniatures come primarily from Brigade Games, and are not too bad- some had very frustrating mould lines (and on the photos I see I missed some. Sigh), but overall have good quality of kit etc, so I am happy. A few others come from Artizan and the Boys ATR is from Warlord Games' Chindits range.
On to the troops- First up is the HQ, of an officer (looking dapper in his brown kit), a rifleman and the Radio Operator.
The next is a Combat Medic, with a sculpted armband mainly so that I could tell him apart on the gaming table! He still has a side arm, the Pacific War could be a savage and brutal affair, where the red cross was not enough to save the medics.
Squad One is 10 diggers, one has a Bren Gun, the forward scout has an Owen SMG and the rest equipped with an Enfield, bayonet attached!

Squad Two is equipped the same as the other squad, Bren, Owen an a lot of pointed steel.
The Third Squad is only a half squad, and come from Artizan not Brigade. The Sgt has a Thompson SMG, along with a Bren Gunner and 3 Riflemen. Artizan do have some very blocky faces....
A sniper and his spotter.
First up for the support units is a 2" Light Mortar team, capable of putting fire quickly on target, used to knock out bunkers or strongpoints, as well as being able to fire smoke rounds to cover advances or retreats. The mortar was still very useful, even in the jungle, but these two still have an enfield at the ready!

A Vickers HMG team of 3 men is part of the support for the force. Watercooled, with a high rate of fire, the Vickers was essential in defeating the wave attacks that the Japanese used in the later parts of the conflict. The HMG team comes from Brigade Games, the third member of the team is from Artizan, and has a Thompson SMG.
Light Anti-Tank Support comes in the form of a Boys Anti-Tank Rifle. Woefully inadequate against the Germans, the Boys was however a match for the lightly armoured Japanese tanks. When push came to shove, the Boys was also pressed into use as a bunker buster. Boys gunner from Warlord, the A gunner is from Artizan.
Lastly, some heavier Anti-Tank support, in the form of a 2pdr AT Gun. Much like the Boys, the 2pdr was rendered obsolete against the heavily armoured German tanks, but was more than capable of knocking out the Japanese tanks. Plus it looks damn cool!

I agonised about what to do with their bases, ideas of aquarium plants and other such things, but I opted to keep it simple, so that I could show off the models a bit better.
Brilliant stuff Chris! I've always liked the modular look of the 2pdr - a great design. What rules are you using for these? 

These Australians will give Chris 210 points, bypassing James and moving into first place.


  1. Rules? Wouldn't have a bloody clue. They look cool!

    Possibly Bolt Action (for some Commando Comic type games), perhaps Force on Force. Who knows!

    The 2pdr is what really sold it for me too Curt!

    1. If you can, try both 'Operation Squad' (man-to-man) and 'Bolt Action' (squad level) as they are both quite fun and easy to learn.

    2. Operation Squad I have been tempted by- Empress are retailing a Moderns version which I am curious about.

      Will look into them!

  2. great entry Chris some great characters and the simple base's work great
    Peace James

  3. Fantastic unit, Chris. I have the Pacific ANZACs in my list, to use with "Bolt Action", a rulebook really nice.

  4. Looking real good. Not me type of WWII setting but these look real nice!

  5. What a great entry, really like them. What next?


    1. Next? There are three or four things on the painting table, so it will be whichever one of those I finish first!

  6. I'm really digging these Diggers! A great entry.


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