Saturday, February 2, 2013

From FranL: 28mm ACW & Ronin #11 (338 points)

Whoa! Our Mr. Francis Lee drops a points-nuke with this storm of figures and models.

From Fran:
More bits and pieces and basically the last of my Union forces except for little bits and pieces that tickle my fancy, included is Curts ronin (forced on me by Ray and for money!), Rooster Cogburn (a True Grit fan and of The Duke!), we have MDF wagons with Perry mules and rider (one look at that fecking Perry metal wagon and I got these instead), there's a Perry Miniatures plastic Confederate unit, I've added some dismounted Union cavalry command figures to bolster out the unit, we also have some Foundry confederate prisoners with escort and a drunk on duty with footsore escort and lastly some more artillery crew (you can never have enough...well nearly!).
Perry plastics Confederates 24 infantry and 1 mounted officer.

Foundry Samurai/Ronin #11 

Black Flag MDF wagons with six mules and rider from Perry Miniatures.
Artizan Designs US Marshall, mounted and dismounted
Foundry dismounted Union cavalry.
Foundry confederate prisoners and union escort with a drunk on duty soldier and footsore escort. 
Foundry artillery crew for possible Gatling guns.
PS: Ray took the pictures...badly!
Fran, you need to talk to your publicist about securing a new photographer. You have to be realistic, your fame, status and stature really demands nothing less.  ;)

This is amazing work Mr. Lee both in its quantity and quality! Your ACW/Old West project is really coming together nicely. And that Old Skool samurai is fabulous! I really like your choice of colours for him and the pose is excellent - thanks so much!

This fine collection of figures and wagons will give Fran a stonking 338 points. This rockets him to 4th place in the points standings, leaving Tamsin and Ray in his rear view mirror.


  1. 338 points!?! Ouch! Never trust the Irish, they'll stab you in the back ;))
    Btw, where's Ray now:D

  2. Wow a points feast, all look good Fran and the added bonus that you are making Ray eat your dust

  3. I *knew* the big bast..., errmmm, fella was secretly painting away like a madman. Oh well, at least I did leapfrog him, if only for a few hours. there's no way I'm going to catch him and Ray, so i might as well allow myself to ease off the pedal and do the rest of my painting on "cruise".

    Great work Fran, well deserving of putting you into #4 spot! :)

  4. Is everyone against me :0( boo hoo..........

    1. Yup! We're petitioning Curt to let us add all out scores together, just to stop you winning...


  5. oooh I did NOT see that coming, what a great collection of figures, you did a wonderful job on them.

    Now I'm off to York to see if I can get my place back LOL


  6. Great looking figures and a real boost to your points total. Hoping to have some more entries later this week to lift me of second last place :)


  7. Fantastic, and a great group of figures. Really nice the "Duke".

  8. Wow!!
    That was a quick jump behind me Fran.
    I better get cracking, haha.
    Great post though and lovely figures, love the Ronin

  9. Never praise the machine, but well done Fran.

  10. Super work, Fran! I especially like the Foundry Union sculpts, but they are all cracking! You're the Henry Ford of figure painting. I think you should put ALL your figures into the main street of a Town Called Angry at the end of the Challenge and have them shoot it out, Tarantino style. That would be awesome.


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