Saturday, February 2, 2013

From ScottS: 15mm Great Italian Wars Crossbowmen (16 points)

From Scott:
A bit of a surprise entry this time.   Some 15th/16th Century Italian Crossbowmen from my defunct Great Italian Wars project.  I found these prepped and primed, lost amongst the debris in Man Corner.  I enjoyed painting two similar units, so settled down for an afternoon to finish this one.

Painted up as Florentine militia (I think,) they have the added benefit of having fought at some point for every European power.
Figures by Venexia, full of character and with plenty of little details; excellent castings too.  In 2012, Venexia decided to close and sold their miniature range to an American company.  Sadly, there's no sign yet of them reappearing.

Lovely 15s there Scott. The contrasting yellow and blue looks very nice. (Hmm, come to think of it I believe I may have a few sample packs of these in my 'reserve' as well!)

These crossbowmen will give Scott 16 points.


  1. If you need more they are available here now :)

    1. I know SGMM bought the range, but as of yet they aren't available from them, unless I'm completely blind!

  2. Nice, got to love the colours, does this mean you breath new life into the army?


  3. Nice colours and great looking figures.

  4. great little unit love the bright colors
    Peace James

  5. A great unit, Scott, with lots of Renaissance flair and style, and nicely based.


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