Sunday, February 3, 2013

From KevinS: 25mm Great War British Mark IV Tanks (30 points)

Kevin from Digger's Home opens his climb on the points roster with these two excellent British Mark IV tanks from the Great War.

From Kevin:
I've finally produced a finished product from my paint table: two Mark IV tanks - one "male" and one "female". Both are 25mm metal castings from Wargames Foundry.

I have many half and three-quarter finished items in production, as well as a lonely Samurai so stay tuned... 
Excellent work Kevin! I really need to get my Mark IV done but I became stimied on the detailing - nevertheless Kevin's given me some great suggestions so I think I'll have to drag it out and give it a go.

Also, I've asked Kevin for a couple more larger images of these two beasties, so make sure to come back later to check them out.

Mr. & Mrs. Tank (Gedit? 'Male' and 'Female' tanks... <sigh> ...never mind.) will give Kevin 30 points. Welcome aboard!


  1. Maybe they're just dating. Don't put too much pressure on them, Curt!

    NIce work, Kevin. I like the weathering and mud-encrusted tracks. Can't wait to see larger images.

  2. Lovely work... Got four of these at home to paint one day. The models are beauties and you have done them justice!

  3. Great entry Kevin - they look lovely.

  4. More stunning work, really must get a wiggle on!

  5. These look great, would love to see a picture with 28mm figs beside them for scale, I think they will be huge


  6. Very nice. I am also very interested in their size.

  7. I agree with M. Rosbif, I think that lovely couple is just a bit shy. Let's turn the lights down and leave them alone, and soon I am sure Kevin will have a litter of new tanks to paint.
    Lovely work Kevin.


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