Sunday, February 3, 2013

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Infantry (106 points)

From Greg:
My latest submission continues with the 15mm WW2 stuff - this time I switch over to the German side.  There are two platoons of German infantry - one of Peter Pig castings, the other of Plastic Soldier Company figures.
The Peter Pig castings are lovely to work with.  The platoon pack gives you a little of everything you need to model a 1944-era German grenadier platoon, including MGs, a Panzerschrek team and Panzerfausts.  The little details impress - like the chevrons on the NCOs.  I am not wild about the "carrying" pose of the MG34 - it seems popular with figure sculptors, more so than I suspect it would have been with real German troops - but overall these were a lot of fun to paint.  I tried to give them the light green piping of Panzer Grenadier troops.

The PSC figures were rather the opposite.  I have to say up front that I am a huge fan of PSC, and I enjoy watching them ruthlessly re-price the 15mm WW2 market at the expense of the incumbents like Battlefront.  Competition = good for gamers.  Their 15mm armour models are lovely - fun to build, fun to paint, and look great on the table. 

But I cannot say the same about the infantry.  The detail on these is very, very soft - it barely survives the application of a base coat, and fades further with each layer of paint. And I don't really use a lot of layers.  The poses are odd - the guy throwing the grenade looks like he is trying to match some kind of yoga pose.  The riflemen are strangely compressed. 

I suspect the larger scale figures might be nicer, but these 15mm figures are nearly flats, and are far from fun to paint.  It's good to finish the unit, but this will be the only PSC unit in my 15mm collection.
The bases on the PSC guys are from Litko, and on the Peter Pig guys are on spare Battefront bases. 
Awesome work Greg and thanks for the comparison opinion between the Peter Pig and PSC  figures - I'm sure it will be helpful for others considering these for their own collections.

These two German platoons will give Greg 106 points allowing him to fight his way back into the top 10 points standings. Well done.


  1. Great work and your opinion has swayed me to go peterpig for my infantry thank you

  2. Nice brushwork!

    And no matter what... I think the detail on the PSC ones is still superior to the minis BF sells!

  3. Thanks for the comparison. I am not a real fan of the PSC infantry (nor the Battlefront plastics). Just finishing off some forged in battle which seem fairly good.

    Good work on both lots no matter the difficulties.


  4. Greg, I love these guys! The shading you've done on the feldgrau seems spot on to me. Basing is first rate. Very impressive overall.
    Thanks for the comments on PSC vs Pig. Like you I am sour on Battlefront and looking for alternatives, so this is very helpful.