Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Flodden Scottish Highlanders (188 points)

Ray makes his dash into the top ten points standings with this horde of hairy scotsmen.

From Ray:
I thought I'd take a break from the NYW and get some of my Flodden figures painted up. These  MY (Mick Yarrow) Highlander figures have been sitting unloved in my goodie draw for far too many of years!!! The figures are not the best but at the time of buying them they were the best specific range for Flodden I could find. So these 7 units of 12 figures kickstart my Scots army. All the flags were made by myself and the bases are from QRF for a change, I found a stack of the bases at the same time as I dug out the Highlanders!

That is a passel of jocks to be sure! It's great that you've dug up these old castings so they can enjoy some attention.

These lads will give a base of 168 points but I'm adding another 20 for the banners and the fact that one of the units (the one full of guys with weak chins and bad teeth) is Clan Campbell (Booyah!)


  1. great stuff Ray, I do love your flag work
    Peace James

  2. OK, so there's no way of me managing to beat Ray (like there ever was!) so I guess I'd better set my target lower down the table. Hmmm, aim to beat Fran - that might be possible ;)

    Congrats on making the top 10 Ray - lovely figs and banners :)

  3. I wondered when you would make a break for the top, you did it in style mate. I am keeping your place warm, expect to see you in a few days


  4. These are Great Ray.
    Excellent stuff

  5. Nice work Ray and I knew you would start to move up the ladder.



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