Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From DaveD: 28mm 'Geisha Oyuki' (5 points)

From Dave:
After all those aircraft and masses of green , blue and grey I was after something with a little challenge. So here we have "Geisha Oyuki" meaning Honorable Snow - what else could I call her doing her for you eh!

"The geisha is a living work of art. Since a very early age, she is trained in all the arts to satisfy men.Her presence captivates those worthy of her. She is an expert in arousing desire in the men's hearts andin taking them to submission. In these dark days, some of them have been trained to work as assassins for their clan." 
She is from a Spanish company - Zenit Miniatures rannge "Kensei" series    You can download the rules free at the moment from thier site - Curt I know you just so will....
 Wow, lovely work Dave - I think she's brilliant. I particularly like the colour and patter you've chosen for her kimono - very elegant!

Oyuki will give Dave 5 points.


  1. She seems to be working here charm right now


  2. So lovely. The kimono and the fan are both works of art. Seems a shame she only gets 5 points.
    Well done.

  3. Nice work, love the dot pattern, bet it gave you a headache!

  4. great work, love the kimono
    Peace James