Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From IanW: War of the Spanish Succession - French Infantry Regiment 'Vermandois' (18 points)

From Ian:
These are a test sample for one of my mates. The idea is to paint them up in his style so they match up to the units he has or will paint. I have not really been too good with the black primed and system painted so this was the biggest challenge. I have a few units from Matt to use as examples. I don't think I have nailed it but it's a reasonable match.
These are Vermandois Regiment, French from the Spanish War of Secession, Baccus castings. Total number is 48 but Matt will be doing the basing and flagging. Now I need to do one of the more colourful regiments and get them to him for approval.

Who can deny all those little tricorns! They look very good Ian - I'm sure your friend Matt be delighted with them.

Taken with the absence of basing, these boys will give Ian 18 points. 


  1. Very nice work! There aren't many colourful units in the French army Ian.

    1. I'm banking on that! most are white or grey. I have a list of which regiments he wants so it's a case of line them up and get on with it now.



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