Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm AWI, Modern, ECW & SYW (530 points)

If we were to liken mini-painters to ships James would be the 'Yamamoto' whereas I would be, like, 'Steamboat Willie'. Here he presents a staggering entry from four different time periods. 

From James:
I have been building up a large group of completed figures so as not to swamp Curt, I have a bit of a mix today. 
First 12 American Regulars you may be questioning why I have a British flag(the more observent will spot the flag from Perry Miniatures plastic Nap British), Dad and I want to use these for F&IW were they would be colonial regulars, I have a second standard bearer which I will paint with a flag from the AWI so the figures can be used in both.

Another lot of figures that have been sitting in my lead pile unloved, 5 SWAT members.

More ECW Cavalry these 18 were an ebay purchase and look like mostly old Foundry Miniatures, the flag was printed off the web and painted.

Lastly I offer the start of our SYW French Army, 3 units of Musketeers these are form conquest miniatures via Warlord Games the flags are from Maverick Models.

This takes me passed my monthly target of 1000 and keeps me on for my Par target if not more.

Wowzers! My eyes kind of dilate looking at all this stuff, and all of it such great quality. An amazing tour de force.

This lot will give James a walloping 530 points (with a few extra added for the banners). 'You like apples? How do you like them apples?'


  1. Replies
    1. Fantastic additions James- hope you keep warm in the painting room friction alone must build up some heat! Seriously well done

    2. OMG!!
      James is a Painting Cyborg, lol.

  2. I am very impressed by the quantity you can throw without sacrificing the quality!
    The French are absolutely amazing.

  3. I think we need to get some of those Ninja's off Ray's back and bring them over.

    That is some serious work and they look great


  4. Nice work and a serious point dump!


  5. Just amazing James! What a fantastic haul Sir.

  6. Excellent work, as always, James! ^^


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