Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From NicolasC: 28mm Russian Folk Hero Dobryna Nikitich (12 points)

From Nicolas:
Here is the last of the Russian Bogatyrs: Dobryna Nikitich.
I won’t make a long speech about him since I feel like I have been quite around the topic already. Let it just be remembered that Dobryna was the slayer of dragon Zmei Gorynich, who had no wings of paper, and had three heads. Dobryna was also a knight of Vladimir, ruler of Kiev, and his adventures, similar to his two collegues,  are mostly metaphorical illustrations of the fight to christianize the pagan tribes of steppe riders.

This is the last figure in the serie of the Plastic Miniatures. And again, I really enjoyed the sculpt. I kind of agree with Curt about the poney tail, yet looking closely at Vasnetsov’s canvas, it seems the painter is more ought to be blamed rather than the sculptor.
This one horse was a good opportunity to practice with the grey and white tones of the Army Painter set, and I hope the result doesn’t look to shiny. I gave extra attention to the cloak, as the canvas suggested a pattern.
That’s it! Next, hopefully an entry with more than a single figure… And maybe a chance to climb above 100 pts (huzzah!!!). 

Beautiful work Nicolas! Your brushwork with the pattern on his tunic is just amazing - bravo! 

Dobryna, the three-headed dragon slayer, the last member of the Bogatyr triptych and the tamer of My Little Pony, will give Nicolas 12 points. 


  1. It's a shame the series finished as these have been really great painted figures


  2. These just get better - love it

  3. What a fabulous miniature, beautiful job Sir.

  4. Beautifull work, loving these..

  5. Really inspiring brushwork, so much character in that figure, and that is one handsome pony. He reminds me of the fat horses you see in the Hark a Vagrant comic strip. :)
    Well done Nicholas!

  6. Great work Nico, top notch freehand as usual.

  7. Haha did not noticed the link at first! Great one!

  8. Very nice work Nicolas! I wish I had the time, patience and skill to paint like that.

  9. Both the robe on the rider and the work on the white horse are great, you really have great free hand skills, I find it a struggle even to paint a straight line.


  10. Dear, NicolasC.
    Fantastic series!
    These figures do plastic or tin?

    You write: The figure is from a russian manufacturer called Plastic Miniatures. Please tell me where you purchased the shape data, so I am very surprised detalizayiey.
    Thank you


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)