Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From MichaelF: 15mm WWII American Infantry 'The Big Red One' (64 points)

From Michael:
The fourth and final entry for my American project. Mortar and HMG platoon with an additional bazooka team and a sniper. Just as I thought I could replace the paints on my desk for something more colorful I realized I'm one command stand short to field three Infantry platoons. Guess I need to do that one very quickly then. 

Also I'm thinking of adding a couple of Jeeps and Greyhounds in the near future to give them some recon possibilities.
Cool thing is that these minis actually hit the the table before they arrived here on the blog. Many times my efforts  are stored in a box and live in darkness for years before they see any action...

Not much else to say now. Still Battlefront minis, still many mouldlines and other annoyances but they do the job once you have a bunch finished.

Just like your last efforts these are excellent  Michael. Its especially nice that they are seeing some action on the tabletop. I'm not a huge fan of the Flames of War rules but one of the things you certainly have to give it credit for is that its popularity gets people out playing with historical miniatures, which is a great boon to the hobby no matter how you see it.

The Mortar and Machinegun platoons will give Michael 64 points.


  1. The detail you put into these figures is so impressive. I could sit and look at your figures for ages picking out all the paintwork, stunning (I guess I am a paint geek)

  2. I have to agree with James, and given I start the Yanks in about an hour I know the detail work you have done is fantastic


  3. I'm really just enjoying you Americans as the look great!



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