Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm AWI Minute Men and English Dragoons & F&IW French Infantry (288 points)

...and as promised, here is a return volley from James!

Painting has taken on a new escapism for me at the moment so here I offer you the last 12 Foundry Minute Men with 6 Perry Miniatures English Dragoons (AWI).

I also have the last two units of my Conquest Miniatures French Musketeers ( I have included a picture of the whole brigade).

Wow, beautiful work James. I particularly like those Dragoons and the arrayed French brigade is very impressive (gotta love those monstrous colours!).

This fine collection of units will give James 288 points, securing his position back in first place. Sorry Chris, that was a short-lived reign at the top but I suspect you'll be back.


  1. Excellent work, it's fun watching you guys disappear into the distance, especially with such a good standard being produced


  2. Can't believe just how quick you get these done James, will you slow down and let us catch up a little!!!

    1. I am away for a long weekend so give you a bit of a chance :)

  3. Oh my goodness james, pace and quality!

  4. Very lovely work, James. The dragoons really do it for me, especially the chap ramming his musket while riding. That takes a steady hand! Brilliant work all around.

  5. Those Dragoons are just lovely James!

    That lot of Musketeers is looking good and colourful too, very nice!

  6. Well done James. The Dragoons really stand out - but the whole lot is excellent and I am really impressed with the pace :)

  7. Great work James.
    The Dragoons look great.
    Those French would look great arrayed against my Prussians.

  8. Very well done on all of it James in particular the dragoons!



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