Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses (48 points)

From Kev:
Here are a couple of new figures for the challenge. First up with the red & White banner is Richard Neville, The Earl of Warwick. Unmounted with his Retinue .

Followed closely by Richard, Duke of Gloucester. The future Richard III. Once again on foot with his retinue. All 28mm Perry's,

Each of these commanders will be accompanied by a unit of dismounted men at arms, (when I paint them).
I added a few little extras like the arrows and a broken bill.
I'm very much enjoying these WotR figures. As I mentioned in a previous post, I think Kev does a brilliant job on the darker toned armour - really lovely stuff.  I have a couple boxes of the Perry plastics waiting in the wings and these are giving me incentive to give them a go.

Warwick and Edward et al. will give Kev 48 points to add to his total. Well done!


  1. Very nice Kev! Love the flags too!

  2. Really nice!

    The dulled steel look you achieve with the armour is very special!

  3. Those are looking lovely, whatever method you are using for that armour, keep doing it! It is certainly effective.

    Almost enough to tempt me to get a box of them myself....

  4. Holy crap - that is outstanding. Beautiful submission.

  5. Lovely stuff. Normally I prefer the earlier middle ages because they seem more colourful than WOTR, but these are fantastic. As Greg says, the dulled armour look is really good.

  6. great work have you used a wash on the armour to dull it down or hit it with dull coat
    Peace James

  7. These are great, the armour looks excellent


  8. Great work on the armour - and cracking big flags!

  9. Thankyou ever so much for the comments guys.
    The dulled armour is really simple to achieve.
    I use a black base primer.
    For the really dark armour I use Foundry Gunmetal shade 104A.
    The figure is given a very light drybrush.
    For the more silvered armour I use P3 Pig Iron.
    The figure is given a fairly heavy wetbrush.
    When the figures are touch dry, but before the paint hardens I give them a heavy wash of P3 Armour wash.
    This goes onto the figure like dirty water at first.
    I make sure it dos'nt pool to much in the recesses.
    When this is dry I apply more layers of the P3 Armour wash.
    But this time I use it as I would a paint and concentrating on the areas I wish to darken a bit more.
    I finish with a matt cote over the non armoured areas.
    The armour with all the wash layers on it seems to be quite resilient and it keeps the natural shine of the wash to enhance the overall armoured metalic effect.
    Hope this all hepls and once again many thanks for the kind words.

  10. Haha, Nope, wont, nah nah!!!!


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