Monday, December 31, 2012

From SylvainR: 1:2400 WWII Kriegsmarine Cruisers (22 points)

Sylvain, the 'Lion of Hillsdale' sends us some more microscale German ships for us to marvel at.

From Sylvain:
Here is my new batch of German ships. There are 11 cruiser size ships.

First, 6 light cruisers.
Top: Emden (first German modern light cruiser, totally undergunned), Nurnberg and Leipzig.
Bottom: Köln, Königsberg and Karlsruhe (the "K" class)

3 heavy cruisers.

Top: Blücher on her way to invade Oslo and impress the fortress garrison with her 8" guns and Admiral Hipper, with her signature camouflage.
Bottom: Prinz Eugen in one of her many attire. She's like a princess with so many
dresses. I chose the camouflage of early 1941, similar to how the Bismarck was painted on her last voyage.
Note now colourful the ships are with their turrets featuring air recognition colours.

They almost rival the Italians.
Now, Top: The Altmark, cruising under the sun with the Graf Spee in the background (previously painted).

Bottom: the Scheswig-Holstein, a pre-dreadnought battleship known for firing the very first shots of WW2.

Next up: German capital ships.
Lovely work Sylvain (though likening the Prinz Eugen to a 'princess' made me tilt my head a bit) . These eleven will give you 22 points. Well done!


  1. Au contraire, Sylvain has recently turned into a regular Roland or Bayard - its quite unsettling actually...

  2. Curt

    A good looking flotilla. We should put them on table sometime.


    1. Absolutely. Sylvain, get a lets hunt the Graf Spee!

  3. Sylvain - are you working on a harbour for these ships to sit in while WW2 rages? :-)
    My snark aside, beautiful work on these. They are beautiful.

  4. Great looking models. Your building quite a collection



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