Monday, December 31, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm Napoleonic 95th Rifles (60 points)

Continuing on with the blessed Napoleonics, Dave sends us the following: 
So it's my first Napoleonics of the challenge - completed these in between work on the next entry - these lads will do for their skirmishers.

So here we have 12 Rifleman from the ubiquitous 95th. They are they Front Rank figures - some of thier best I think too. Top notch on the castings with very litle clean up required, just slap a bit of paint on em bish bosh.
A beautiful example of the 95th Rifle 'Corps'. Funny, I heard that there was these units in the Napoleonic British army that wore, wait for it, RED uniforms - I know, that's crazytalk... ;) 

Seriously, lovely work Dave. I particularly like the chaps wearing the soft foraging cap.

These dozen Greenjackets will give Dave 60 points.  


  1. Beautiful work. Dark green is a hard colour to pull off well and these are superb! Lovely basing to set them off too.

    Don't stress Curt, I have some red coats on the paitning table as I type... ;-)

  2. The Grasshoppers seem to be the unit du jour of this chhallenge! I think that's the 3rd appearance so far?

    Lovely work, Dave.

  3. What? More bleedin' 95th Rifles? Can we call a moratorium on them from now please? *pokes tongue out*

    Lovely work by Dave, as always

  4. Was there a sale on 95th Rifle figures? :-)
    Well done Dave - great job!

  5. great work Dave, you can never have too many rifles
    Peace James

  6. They look great Dave! That green really looks nice.


  7. Very nice, loke you do anything else? Well no rifles from me, just guys to kill 'em!



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