Monday, December 31, 2012

From JamesB: 28mm French & Indian Wars Infantry and Civilians & Seven Years War Cavalry (235 points)

Ok, someone has been a busy lad, apparently eating turkey with one hand while painting with the other. James sends in this amazing entry composing of a F&IW Indians, Civilians, Scots AND a full unit of SYW Prussian Hussars!

From James:
My next offering is more FIW stuff, we have 3 Indian Chiefs from Perry miniatures along with 6 civilians from the Redoubt miniatures. 

It made me giggle that you have the Women protecting the children one is carrying a baby while another shields a young girl, while the  single man has picked up his pet dog and legged it. 

Next I have 2 squads of 42nd Highlanders (The Black Watch) also the Officer and Sgt, these are again from Redoubt and are some of the best sculpts I have seen from them.

Lastly I have a unit of Prussian Hussars from Foundry Miniatures you will be seeing alot of these as I bought 8 units to paint up for all the variuos forces involved in the SYW.

Wow. That is an impressive amount of work - Bravo James! This reminds me of the stuff Kent was blasting out last year. Awesome. 

This group of figures will give James a very impressive 235 points.


  1. Beautiful stuff. Shades of Kent indeed...rather terrifying...

  2. Cheers guys looking at these pictures I must drag out my light tent and stop being lazy with my pictures.
    Peace James

  3. Has Kent netted under a nomme de guerre?

    Really like the FIW units, particularly the highlanders.

  4. Wow that's a lot of work James that is! They look great especially the cavalry!


  5. That is a seriously impressive entry. Great looking figures


  6. A lot of work!!! The Highlanders are very nice, and the Indians, and the Civilians...

  7. A shed load of painting James and top notch too!!!


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