Monday, December 31, 2012

From JohnB: 40mm Old School Toy Soldiers - 1850s 'Great European War' (234 points)

Ok, here is a treat for you this New Years Eve. Another resident of Saskatchewan, actually a shifty import from Wisconsin, gives you a dose of Old School Toy Solder goodness. John, sculpts and casts his own soldiers (I sent one to my nephew for Christmas) which sort of puts him in a class of his own.

From John:
Here is my first entry into the Painting Challenge. 36 40mm foot and 1 mounted officer. 
These are my own 40mm sculpts and casts inspired by Holger Ericsson and Aly Morrison. They are painted in toy soldier style with simple bases and glossy finish. 
They are part of my Great European War of 1850 project. Submitted are the 3rd and 4th battalions of the Hoch und Deutschmeister Regiment (#3) and their beloved Oberst. (Has there ever been a beloved that even allowed in the German speaking world?) There are 36 foot and 1 mounted. 
My Russian and Austrian armies are almost complete and will be campaigning against each other this winter. 
At present I am casting Danes, Prussians, French, Bavarians and Saxons...and inspired by "Lincoln" and a reread of Shelby Foote, my first ACW infantry. I really enjoy this scale and style and period of figures...if only I could recruit some of my buddies....

While a fairly good sort for a Cheesehead, John is a bit of a whiner as we game with his stuff all the time (we even let him win once in a while).

The base points for these boys are 197, but since John does the sculpting and casting I'm going to add a point each, so 234. Not a bad debut, eh?


  1. nice old school. I love looking at these but do not think I could paint this way. A very impressive first entry.
    Peace James

  2. Very characterful, a nice change

  3. These are the best I have seen of this type.


  4. Love them - nice to see a bit of "classic"

  5. Fantastic sculpts and painting John.
    Love them. Did you make the buildings as well?


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