Thursday, December 20, 2012

From SebG: 1:285 Modern French Tanks (21 points)

Sebastien debuts with a batch of seven French modern tanks in 1:285 scale.

From Seb:

This is my first entry. Fortunately for me I was alone at home for the whole day, so I could start painting. The longest part was for the varnish to dry ;) 
And here is the result:
4 ERC-90 Sagaie, and 3 AMX-10RC in 6mm for my modern French army.  
The Sagaie is armed with a 90mm gun, and the AMX-10RC has a powerful 105mm gun. Both are recon vehicles and can also be used in fast attack/intervention units.  
The minis are from CinC.
Great  job on these. What rules are you using? Modern Spearhead? 

This group will give Seb 21 points. Welcome to the scoreboard, mon ami!


  1. 6mm yay! You do have to love the heavy French armoured cars, when every other nation turns to ATGMs, the French just keep putting big guns, on to lots of wheels!

  2. These are nice, and I too love a bit of 6mm. I really like the mix of periods you get in this


  3. thanks guys. Indeed we love our big guns. ATGM is so... practical. Anyway, Curt, these will be for Cold War Commander ;)


  4. Nice One. ERC-90 Sagaie probably the best french design in armored vehicle and a nightmare for western Africa potentats... Really interesting entry.

  5. Nice paint job on those tanks!

  6. Love it. The AMX-10RC is a modern favourite - love the look of those vehicles.


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