Thursday, December 20, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm WWII Japanese Infantry (30 points)

Just as last year, Miles chips in with one of the first submissions for the Challenge (good lad). Today we see a detachment of six WWII Japanese infantry.

From Miles: 
Well it's the 20th and the sporting world now turns it's eyes to the 3rd Annual Painting Challenge! I added up the individual score level targets and it's roughly 42,675 (I may be off a bit as I just did it in my head - I'm a numbers geek) - that represents 8,535 painted 28mm infantry figures and 910 per ronin!
Ok, Enough with me proving that I'm a multidimensional geek.
Here's my first entry, 6 28mm WWII Japanese infantry from Battle Honors. Think of them as second cousins to your Samurai.

Excellent work Miles (and those are some frightening numbers)! This group will give you 30 points to start your climb on the roster. (Well, I was in first place for at least a few hours...) ;)


  1. Your not wasting any time are you Miles! The flesh base coat isn't even dry on my first unit!
    Nice work btw and cool troops as I think the Japanese really are nice to paint.


  2. Woo-Hooo I'm number 1, I'm number 1

    Whooaahh there Curt, lets not get hasty and check that nasty old email in-box, let me bask in the glory of my non-accoplishment for a few more moments.

    It is, really, all about me!

  3. Bloody hell Miles!!! that didn't take very long!

  4. Wow I thought I was quick off the mark, good work Miles they look fantastic.
    Peace James

  5. Really fast, Miles. I have some of those same Japanese in the workbench... but I have a lot of work to finish them!

    Perhaps we need to look for another ninja...


  6. Crikey. 6 figures finished in a day, what hope for the rest of us mere mortals ;-) Great work Miles.

  7. Well done Miles! Very nice figures for the start. Did you had a break for lunch?

  8. Congrats on being first off the block Miles, and great figures to kick us all off :)

  9. Great looking figures Miles, I too hve some Japanese WWII infantry in the prep box, but I have a few others in front of them.

    Curt, are you going to penalise Tamsin for such cheak? ;-)


  10. In my line of work the world shuts down for the holidays so I go an early (12:05am start on painting).

    Given last year's output my only chance for fame was to grab an early lead before fading into the middle of the pack and ignominious anonymity.

    Plus, if the Mayan's are right, I might actually be the winner this year!

  11. Great start Miles, and I really like the WWII Japanese. I hope to make a start this evening on the Ronin for Curt if I finish the Xmas cards etc


  12. Well done Miles, somehow or another I thought you would be first off.


  13. Good start. I like the basing in theseI best head up to the paint station then.

  14. Good work Miles! Congrats on the lead as well. Enjoy your moment of fame before the big guns start to enter the challenge.

  15. I will catch you up (yeah, some hope!).

    Will be furiously painting on Friday night!

  16. A good start Mile , nicely done

  17. Oishi! I'm still trying to clear my bench of old projects before an get stuck in, I'm so impressed by the speed of my fellow ronin.

  18. Great start Sir, time to get a wiggle on!

  19. Great start, nice looking bunch of lads


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