Thursday, December 20, 2012

From IanW: 20mm Numidian Elephants & Riders (44 points)

Ian cracks off his first entry with these three elephants and riders for his Numidian army.

Take it away Ian:
These are HaT 20mm Elephants for my Numidian army. The three escorting infantry were painted pre-start by about 4-6 months so I am guessing don't count, LOL. The Elephants are the only really strong part of what is almost totally light infantry and cavalry army so will be interesting to play. Barry wanted to have separate command units even though they are based for Impetus and I agreed so one of the spare Elephants makes a cool command base. 

These three elephants with their riders will give Ian 44 points. Good to have you on the roster again, Ian!


  1. There ain't nothing cooler than a heffalump. Ian you've done so e nice worth with the skin tones around the faces. Lovely work.

  2. I love a good Eley I used to have 8 in an acient Idian WAB army alway did more harm to me :)
    Great work on the eley skin tone look forward to more.
    Peace James
    Ronin 17

  3. Ellies are always fun on the tabletop - nicely done Ian!

  4. Great to see the scores going on the board. I am interested to see who paints which armies in what numbers and how swiftly. What a fantastic start to the competition.

    Having had a Numidian army in the past I really look forward to seeing the progress of these.

  5. My word Ian, that is certainly a statement of intent! Great job Sir.

  6. Nice nellies Ian, love the shading on them!

  7. Splendid stuff! Always love an elephant on the table - and even more fun with three. Terrific painting Ian!!

  8. Really splendid begining of the competition, Ian!!!


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