Friday, December 21, 2012

From MarkB: 15mm Austrian Napoleonic Artillery (36 points)

Mark opens with a nice battery of 15mm Austrian guns for his Napoleonic collection.

From Mark:

Well I was able to get some figures done today! I was a little under the weather so I took a sick day from work..... Here is my first submission.  These are 15mm Austrian Artillery, they are Old Glory 15's.  They came out OK, I have a mix of guns as this is what the Austrians did during the Napoleonic Wars.  I am painting these as the Cavalry Battery of the Advance Guard of the V Corps in 1809.  You will see more miniatures from V Corps as I get them painted up.  The rules I am using is General de Brigade so the Austrian Battalions will be huge with the 1:20 scale.  More to come.

Great work Mark (Sick Days, you gotta love them!). These three stands of artillery will give him 36 points. (I have a suspicion your Personal Challenge Par may be a bit low at 200...  :P)


  1. Nice, good to start with a bang LOL

    Austrian's are on my wish list.


  2. I really like the colour you chose for the carriages. They really stand out.

  3. Thank you for all the positive feedback on my painting. I always feel that I can do better and I am never really satisfied with some of my painting. More 15's to come from the Austrian Army of 1809.

  4. Great work Mark. Always good to see more Austrians on the table!

  5. Got to love some well painted 15mm, look forward to seeing more
    Peace James

  6. These are looking very nice colours are perfect


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