Friday, December 21, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm WWII Japanese Infantry & 'Chi-Ha' Tank (35 points)

Miles has for us another group of 28mm infantry from the Land of the Rising Sun.

He also sends along a work-in-progress shot of a 'Bolt Action' 1:56 scale Japanese tank he's been working on, a 'Chi-Ha' light tank, I believe. It will not count for scoring as he started it before the Challenge, nonetheless it's a sweet little ride to be sure. (Aquarium accessories have certainly revolutionized jungle wargaming, eh? Great stuff.)

These seven infantrymen will give Miles 35 points and will place him to the front of the standings. 


  1. Miles with these figures your spoiling us :),
    good work love the tank.
    Peace James

  2. Looking good Miles and that tank looks very cool!


  3. Very nice, sir. You are becoming the vanguard of the Ronin!

  4. More great figure work Miles, got to love the tank as well. Keep up the great work



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