Friday, December 21, 2012

From GregB: Ronin #12 (30 points)

Greg is first off the mark to send in shots of his Challenge Ronin.

From Greg:

My first submission. A 28mm mounted Samurai charging with Katana drawn. The figure is from Perry Miniatures.  I would love to claim this paint scheme is based on elaborate and careful research, but the the truth is that the more I read about Samurai and the warring states period of Japan, the less I understand. Napoleonics is paint-by-numbers compared to Samurai.  This paint job is the result of a google image search, pure guesswork and a sense that "Samurai were so cool they could wear whatever the f*ck they like, so whatever".

I stated I would give 20 points for the Challenge Ronin but since Greg's submitting a mounted figure (with some very nice groundwork I must say) I'll going to give him a few extra: 30 points.

Beautiful work Greg and thank you very much!


  1. Very nice indeed.

    By the way Curt, which shape should be the Ronin's base?



  2. Very nice! Perry has some very good miniatures, that is where I bought the ones I am painting up for this competition.

  3. A great figure! well done Ronin #12!

  4. Terrific. Very well painted indeed, and a tough standard to match!

  5. Nice posed figure and a great paint job. I guess it's all starting to fly now


  6. Thanks guys! First Samurai I have every painted - glad to have him out of the way :)
    He has a couple of friends sitting in the pack from Perry - I may have a go at them before the competition ends...

  7. Great looking Samurai! They are indeed a challenge to paint!


  8. Great base work as well as a top paint job what more can be said.
    Peace James

  9. Really nice figure. I need to begin mine!!!

  10. Wow that's a nice figure great basing to


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