Monday, March 10, 2014

The Votes are in for the 'Favourite Character' Bonus Round

I have to admit, the past two back-to-back bonus rounds almost did me in but the extra work was more than compensated by the superb turnout of entries. Honestly, I feared that this theme might have stymied the participants, as they had already identified some of their favourite heroes and villains in previous rounds, but they rose to the occasion with a wonderful selection of personalities from both history and fiction.  We were treated with everything from electrifying Fembots to the dour Bernard Montgomery, from Maximus to Chief Buffalo Hump. Just reading the explanations for the Challengers' choices was as interesting as seeing the miniatures themselves.

Below are the voting stats leading up to the top place finishers:

As we can see, running up to 3rd place are two excellent and very diverse entries. One is MichaelA's wonderfully dynamic gladiatorial scene from 'Gladiator' (again, the magic he can fit on the top of a CD is amazing...),

The other was Jeremy's excellent rendition of 'The Dude' from 'The Big Lebowski'. The rug tied it all together. Fabulous work Duderinos!

3rd Place was taken by Anne with her excellent pairing of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. In recognition Anne will receive 25 bonus points to add to her tally. Congratulations Anne, well done!

I was honoured and delighted to share 2nd place with MartinN (Nick) with my take on Patrick O'Brian's adventurers, Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. 

As you can see below, Nick's WWI vignette displayed once again his amazing skills with both brush and basing.  We will both receive 50 points to add to our roster totals. Congratulations Nick, beautiful work!

First place was deservedly taken by DaveD with his fantastic 'The Duke', all in glorious 54mm. I thought Dave did a wonderful conveying the personality of the film icon and I look forward to seeing this large-scale project develop, figure-by-figure, until we are treated to an environment to rival his superb 28mm town of 'Serenity'.

Dave will receive 75 points to add to his already impressive point total AND he will also receive this set of three Napoleonic French Mineurs from Kawe's excellent 'Westfalia Miniatures' range. Congratulations Dave - Bravo!!

I should have all of this round's bonus points reflected on the roster within the next day or so...


  1. Very well deserved winners all round.

  2. Congrats to all the winners :)

  3. I have to say, the quality of the entries keeps getting better and better!

    Congrats all.

  4. Woo hoo... i am thrilled with this one.Thanks for the votes guys. This was a tough round to call I must say. Trust "The Duke" to deliver the goods.

    Kawe thanks for the prize.. i have just the little sideline project for those lads..

    even better... 75 points puts Kev in the rear view mirror ....he he....!!! no doubt for a short period..

  5. Congratulations - very well deserved placements in a very competitive round.

  6. Well done everyone, fabulous results all round!

  7. Well done all. Each a terrific achievement in its own right.

  8. congratulations dave and everyone else.

  9. Congrats Dave, that's a well deserved win mate.

  10. Well done all those who submitted and those who voted.

  11. It' was nice to see The Duke get his due as this is The Wild Bunch!

  12. Wow, these are all super-special! Congrats to all.

  13. Great work by all on these



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