Monday, March 10, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic British 12th Light Dragoons (64 points)

From Ben:
I managed to get these finished before the deadline and boost my score, so these are definitely a bonus!

These are actually part of Strelets' Egyptian Campaign range, but they'll be doing service in my British Peninsular War army. The only thing which indicates the earlier period is the queues which the riders sport, but as they are the only Tarleton equipped British light dragoons in 1/72nd, they'll do until HaT get their act together and finally release their British cavalry for their Peninsular range.
Strelets figures are rather chunky, but fit in well with the earlier HaT range like their 8095 French infantry. Even the horses are chunky, looking more like Welsh pit-ponies rather than English thoroughbreds! The figures are rather characterful with expressive faces and dynamic poses.
I was always reluctant to invest in Strelets figures as they look so ugly unpainted, but rather surprisingly, look great painted up!
You're right Ben, they look very good indeed - you've done a wonderful job on them.  The poses on these figures are very dynamic. I quite like posing of the two fellows slashing with their sabers. It makes me cringe to think of the poor infantry who are the subject of their not-so-tender attentions.

These eight troopers of the 12th will give Ben 64 points. It's wonderful to see you building some distance from your initial Challenge goal - well done!


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