Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From ReneV: 28mm WWII American Infantry (33 points)

From Rene:
My final entry on the US 28mm front are the final 8 figures I needed for my first game. Some odds and ends which basically don't have a story to tell yet.
They were indeed already used in a game of Chain of Command and even though I already knew the game was good I was not prepared for this kind of gooddness.
The game is awesome and I don't think I have found anything "yet" that I don't like about them...

They are from Warlord, one Artizan and two Westwind figures. This time all metals. Well, back to the mini's.

Great work Rene. I really like the rustic style you used with these fellows - it works wonderfully with these sculpts. I particularly like the sitting radio operator and prone bazooka team, some great animation there.

This fine team of American infantry will give Rene 33 points. Again, lovely work! 


  1. Nicely done! I like the weathered look on those helmets. These boys have seen some action!

  2. I like the effect you have achieved. I live in an area of chalk and they look like just the state I would come home when as a little boy I had been playing in some of the local chalk pits.

  3. Yes, as others have mentioned they certainly have the look and feel of battle-hardened US troops. They have that 'Attitude" about them.

  4. Nice sculps and I like your style


  5. Thanks for all the comments. Problem is that I take pictures so close-up with so much light (in this case even the sun itself) that you see everything very very well. When you look at these from gaming distance the chalk/whiteness is much more subtle than it looks at these images. Have a look at my blog < http://paint-in.blogspot.nl/ > with e report on my first game of Chain of Command to illustrate my point...hopefully.

    1. Sorry if my initial comment came off like any type of criticism - it certainly wasn't intended that way, quite the opposite actually! I quite like the effect of the high contrast drybrushing you did. As Dean mentioned, it gives them that veteran, battle-worn look.

    2. It was not your comment that made me post this Curt. It was actually the fact that the pictures are a bit too close for my own comfort :-)

  6. Nice work Rene. There are some wonderful poses in there.


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