Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From AaronH: 15mm Mech & 28mm Celt Casualties (16 points)

From Aaron:
This entry is a 15mm Mech from Critical Mass Games.  It was part of their Kickstarter to expand the ZAS mercenaries.  It’s a big chunky resin walker with a nice few options.  They make two versions of this mech.   
I like the model.  It’s a good casting, no bubbles at all.  My son was playing with this and broke it.  I found the pieces hidden on the back of my desk.  It glued back together no problem, though I did have to add the base at that point to give it a bit more structural integrity.  I’ll be ordering a couple more of these.  I think it’s a good solid medium mech for any faction.

I had intended to turn this in for the vehicle bonus round but then got stuck on the paint scheme.  This camo pattern is something completely new for me.  It’s based, roughly, on something I saw Dwartist do, though no nearly as well executed as anything of his, of course.  I think of this as a savannah camo pattern.
Vehicles are not my strong point.  I’m going to be doing quite a few so I’ll have opportunity to work on weathering them.
Here is another missed opportunity on my part.  These were intended for the casualty bonus round but then I had to go out of town at the last minute and didn’t have time to finish them.  I was also delayed because these are my first Celts and I vapor locked on doing patterns.  I just couldn’t picture what I wanted.  A few hours spent going through some of the great blogs I follow finally gelled it for me and I was off to the races.  I actually enjoyed painting these, so perhaps I should knock some more out while that feeling is strong.

These are 28mm Celt casualties from Warlord Games.  They are nice castings, clean and flavorful.  You can almost see the pain in the faces of the two less supine figures.  Looking at the castings the bottom looks a little bit odd, until you put basing grit on and realize that Warlord planned it perfectly.

I built these up as casualty markers with dice holders.  These will work for Hail Caesar, my current rule set for ancients.  I’m not a fan of tokens on the table, as long as you have a less obtrusive way to show status.  I also like the modeling opportunity presented by showing status in a characterful way.

Great work Aaron! Seriously, what isn't there to like about big freaking robots, but perhaps that is just a boy thing - your son certainly has taken a shine to it! I like the Savannah camo you came up with and look forward to seeing your weathering techniques in your upcoming efforts.

The Celt casualty markers are excellent. I'm a big fan of these in my armies as well as they both help to neaten the tabletop and add some visual interest. 

This eclectic collection of figures will give Aaron 16 points as he closes in on his 600 point target. Excellent!


  1. Cool mech and great idea for the casualty counters. Very well executed.

  2. Oooh I like that Mech!! Nice job!

  3. Sadly, you'll probably need a few of those Celtic casualty markers; more dash than sense, the poor sods!

  4. I also dislike tokens and so strongly approve of these type of casualty markers. I wish more people would do this sort of thing. A big thumbs up on the mech as well.

  5. Nice work on the Mech and the casualties.

  6. I vote for more casualty markers as they are great


  7. Nice stuff Aaron. Love the mech.


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