Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From KevinH: 28mm WWII Soviet Scouts, Feudal Japanese Monks & Royale With Cheese (80 points)

Kevin returns with this wonderful selection of miniatures for us to enjoy.

From Kevin:
For this entry, I have some BOLT ACTION WWII Russian Scouts.  Nothing too fancy with these figures, basic "amoeba" style camouflage suits and one model with a DP light machine gun.  The actual BOLT ACTION rules don't allow Russian Scouts to have a DP LMG, but other rules may, so I painted him as well.
Next up, is the Sohei (Monks) Buntai for the RONIN skirmish game, by North Star.  Again, nothing too fancy - I just followed the "box art."  I wanted to try and get these guys done quickly, as I have all the Buntai figure sets from the RONIN line, and when I try and get "fancy" (ie: creative) with my painting, I tend to get bogged down, and it takes me forever to finish things!

I had a number of things planned for the Fortnight Challenges, but because of the 'funk' I've been in the past few months, they just never materialized.  Case-in-point, this entry was either going to be a "Villain" or "Hero" entry.
I picked up lots of miniatures and games from my friend Tim's estate sale, including a bunch of the little, dark grey Copplestone boxes.  I didn't really even look in them at the time, but they were "Copplestone" so I scooped them up as I love his work!
As I was sifting through things over the last few months, I found the "not Samuel L. Jackson" figure in one of those little boxes!  I have had the "not John Travolta" Foundry figure based and primed for years!  But I never got around to painting it, as I didn't have the companion figure.  Now I had the companion figure, so it was time to get things done.  And depending on your point of view from the movie, these guys could easily be either "Villain" or "Hero."  I don't know if it will be visible in the photo, but I even got Vincent's (Travolta) golden earring!
Now that they're done, I feel like a ROYALE with Cheese!

Lovely work Kevin. I always love seeing your stuff as its just so smooth. That monk in black is my favourtie, he looks quite the hard-ass with that 'Osaka Slugger'! 

This wonderful assortment of miniatures will give Kevin 80 points. Great job and welcome to the Wild Bunch - you still have lots of time to participate in the madness!


  1. I think those monks are fabulous. Very nice work on all of the others as well.

  2. Nice! Love the monks!

    Vincent and Jules are pretty awesome too. I'm a sucker for figures of characters from popular culture and have long looked at those two packages and considered picking them up to have this duo... but never felt I could justify the expense of the two packages (and shipping) for just those two figures.

  3. Super jon Kevin - especially Vincent and Jules

  4. Now those are nice..well done.

  5. Thanks for the comments, folks. These were some fun figures to paint! Have to get busy on the Bandit Buntai yet...

    Tim - I couldn't really think of anything to use the "Vincent & Jules" figures for, till I saw you painting figures for "Fist Full of Kung Fu." Vincent and Jules might work well in those rules!

    1. Oh, totally! Now where to find Marcellus and Mia Wallace figures to round out the gang...? Oh, and "The Wolf" and Marvin (before he got his head blown off!) and a couple of "Hard-HIttin' N!@@ers". That would be quite the gang! There's probably got to be something in the Street Violence or Future Wars line...

  6. Great stuff Kev. The monks are wonderful.

  7. Vincent and Jules blocking 'the path of the righteous man'
    Love the figures and the painting

  8. Very nice work, now I'm hungry


  9. Oh, and if you need some sort of "new" project Kevin, you can always join the Legion of Madness with Greg and I. Always looking for some new nutter to join in on overpriced forgeworld based projects :-) Come on, you know those 30k marines look awesome!

  10. Great work Kev. You've certainly got Jules and Vincent spot on.


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