Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From MichaelF: 28mm 'I Give Up' - Challenge 'Desperado' & Doc Holliday (25 points)

From Michael:

'I Give Up!'
If I do the math I'm about 30 points or so short of my target this year. Not at all that bad given the limited painting time available this year but still a failure.
So I need to surrender and I will do so by entering this years submission fee. Now I've seen all sorts of great entry fees (did I see a duck?) but old west figures seem to be the main theme here.
Now Curt has his Wild Bunch secured I figured they could use a hostage to drag along in their gunfights. He is travelling your way soon Curt together with the figs from the to other members of the Dutch Water-Bicycle Detachment.
Miniature from Foundry and Doc Holliday from Artizan.

Ah, but it was a valiant effort Michael.  You may not have come away with the quantity you wanted but your quality was peerless. (Folks, check out Michael's Revolutionary War French battalion in the 'Last Stand' gallery - simply gorgeous.) Plus your throwing down the gauntlet to your mates Jacco and Rob really helped to motivate them in getting their projects kick-started. A great success in my books - bravo!

Finally, thank you very much for the wonderful hostage figure. I have a distinct suspicion taht he will be featured in many upcoming scenarios...

Doc Holiday and this hapless townie will give Michael 25 points. Excellent and thanks again!


  1. Nice painting. Real good and figures full of character.
    Sometime after this challenge it's going to be great to see all the entry fee figures together.

  2. Lovely work Michael. Your painting style is really pleasing to the eye and it's been great to see your entries over the course of the challenge.

  3. Lovely subdued paint-job Sir. You've really captured the Old West.

    Pip pip

  4. Totally splendid. Very nice brushwork indeed.

  5. Very nice painting! This 'I give up' figure is amazing.


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