Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic Prussians & WWII British and German Markers (100 points)

From Ian:
In an attempt to clear most of the in progress stuff off my desk I give you a mixed bag. 
I got a load of painted figures via Dave D at blog con. All were 6mm Adler but I field smaller units that Adler pack them in so I needed to paint up extra command for them. For the French I painted up five figures per battalion for a total of 20 figures. I had already painted the Voltigeurs before the challenge so these also don't count.
I also got a load of Prussians with enough loose left overs to form six battalions and I have stuck to my usual 2 battalions with colours and one without. So for these six battalions I claim just four figures, the standard bearer!

The 7th Line Regiment was a bit of a problem as I neither had the flag nor ink in the printer so I took another regiments and added the green to the flags, a little faffy but you know how it is.
The 26th Reserve Regiment was just generic Baccus flags as I could not find a flag for them. 
The Baccus Landwehr though are all painted by me (except the dead trooper), these have a compliment of 24 line figures and four out front skirmishing. After the long break on doing 6mm infantry it was really good to get at them again and they seemed to come on really quickly. 

These are the first Baccus Landwehr I have painted up and I really found them a breeze to paint. I have another nine in hand so I can look forward to getting these painted up for the Waterloo game.
All told I have finished off 26 Battalions between the Prussians and French during the Challenge which is a good number to have got through and I am nicely ahead of schedule painting these up.
Almost to the end of the Sniper Reminders for a bit (I really want a break) but these are just for the fun of it. Four each of the Black Tree Miniatures Desert Rats and Africa Korps. on the deluxe sized bases. 

The Brits are working their way through a mix of mines and wire, the little mine sighs I cut out of some spare ASL mine factor counters and added to a bit of balsa. 

The Germans won't be fully finished in the Challenge as I want to add some more bits to the bases but I need to source them and all four bases are presents for a pair of good mates.

Nice score Ian and kudos to you for the wonderful job in getting these new levies integrated into your burgeoning 6mm collection.

Alright, wow, that makes 108 6mm figures and eight 28mm figures for a grand total of 100 points (with a little extra for the great work with the 6mm flags). With this entry and the points from the bonus round you will exceed your Challenge goal of 1066 points. Well done Ian!


  1. I am a massive fan of your 6mm figures. You have inspired me to rebase my own 6mm ACW figures. Thank you for the inspiration

  2. Nice sniper reminders and it's good to see you back on the 6mm :)

  3. Well done Ian on getting to your total. Your 6mm stuff is really inspirational and makes me want to give it a try at some point.

  4. i look forward to seeing a big battle report in due course! nice job Ian

  5. Now that's an impressive force! Well done.


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