Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From JaccoK: 28mm Ramcke Fallshirmjaegers (50 points)

From Jacco:
Here is my 7th entry for the painting challenge, this one will get my over the target, I did it!
Ten figures total, seven figures from Artizan represent the famous Ramcke Parachute Brigade. Following the costly success of Operation Mercury, the airborne assault on Crete in 1941, several elite Fallschirmjäger units were formed into an ad hoc brigade under the command of veteran commander Oberst Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke. The brigade was slated to take part in Operation Hercules, the planned invasion of Malta. When the attack was cancelled, the Brigade, now named Fallschirmjäger-Brigade Afrika, was sent to join Rommel's Deutsches Afrika Korps in North Africa.
The other three figures are from Artizan (the indispensable Medic and the deadly MG34), the officer is from Black Tree Design. BTD has a large collection of WW2 figures but I found only view good figures, this one I like.
Especially for you, Curt, I placed the captured Marmon Harrington and the 8-Rad in the Background. These are older models from (Ian) Crouchie. We always met him at Crisis in Antwerp and we bought a lot of vehicles from, sadly it wasn’t enough for him to continue.
As I have reached my target I will use the remaining days to paint some British Cavalry for the Sudan Campaign. I don’t now if I’m able to finish them in time. If not, it was a great pleasure to take part in this challenge. I would like to thank everybody for the kind and encouraging remarks they have made about my entries.

Beautiful work Jacco! These hard-bitten fallshirmjaegers look the business and I appreciate the encore of the Marmon-Herrington and the 8-Rad, thank you!

These fine German paratroopers will give Jacco 50 points, enough,  as he well points out, for him to exceed his 500 point Challenge target. Congratulations Jacco! Well done!


  1. Nice work! I simply love these Artizan sculpts.

  2. Very nicely done indeed Jacco. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  3. Good work Jacco. Congratulations on reaching your target.

  4. A pleasure to be in the challenge with you. Excellent work on these and hope to see you involved next time as well.

  5. More Artizan goodies! I need to get some of those!



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