Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From Lord Hill: 28mm British Napoleonic Infantry at Waterloo (260 points)

From Lord Hill:
Real life has caught up with me recently and I've barely done any painting since January. Unfortunately things remain hectic and these might be my last submissions for the competition but I've really enjoyed it, both seeing all the great entries by everyone and also all the kind words received which have spurred me on to get a lot done!

Here are 3 of the 4 grenadier companies of Halkett's brigade - the 30th (Cambridgeshire), 33rd (West Riding) and 69th (South Lincolnshire).

I've also attached some casualty figs from the 95th rifles which I did for the Casualty theme round. I had them all ready to go weeks before the deadline, but in the end just had no time to take pics and send them in! 

Wonderful work Lord Hill! Again, I love the mass of these bases that you produce. They provide such great insight to how Napoleonic formations were a direct reflection of the technology and tactics of the period. Being in three ranks instead of the usual two I assume these fellows will be part of a larger square formation you're creating?

These grenadiers of Halketts Brigade will give Lord Hill 260 points which is more than enough for him to breach his 1200 point target for the Challenge. Congratulations! Again, marvelous work.


  1. They all look great; very productive work spite of your distractions. Best, Dean

  2. As always with your work, wonderful painting. Hopefully real life won't intrude too much that you can't squeeze in at least one more submission.

    Congratulations on smashing though your points target.

    Pip pip

  3. "some talk of Alexander and some of Hercules......"

    Nice work on these Grenadiers LordH :)

    1. Can't hear those opening lines without thinking of Flanders and Swann:
      "Some talk of a Lagonda, others of a smart MG..." http://www.nyanko.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/fas/hat_trans.html

  4. Really, really nice. The facings are superb. Well done mate.

  5. I love the mass effect you get with your 1 figure = 1 individual which we wargamers can only dream about!

    Excellent work, Lord H.!

  6. I agree with Johnny Rosbif - the 1:1 effect is stellar!

  7. Another cracking submission


  8. Many thanks for the kind comments everyone! I will try to get one last batch in before the end of the competition!


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