Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From TamsinP: 15mm Pirate Army(!) (500 points)

Tamsin, like Prometheus bound to his rock, has been tied to this monstrous pirate entry for the past few weeks. The force is sooo large that, like Dave's, it has to be split up into smaller sections. So here is Tamsin with the first group:
"Aaaarrrrrrr me hearties! Splice the sails! Hoist the timbers! Shiver me mainbrace! *hic* 'Tis pirate time!"
After my fun units submitted earlier in the Challenge, here are the proper pirates. The bulk of them anyway - I still have the commanders, artillery and light troops to do. The figures (248 of them!) are a mixture of Blue Moon and Rebel Minis.
For the Buccaneer army in FoGR, there are three main troop types. "Disciplined" and "Veteran" buccaneers are medium foot musket/-/sword, differing only in quality; "Other" buccaneers are warriors musket*/impact foot/sword (musket* have less shooting dice than musket). I've chosen to represent the disciplined/veteran guys as having two figures with firearms and one without on each base; the warriors have one figure per base with firearms and two without on each base. 
'Disciplined Buccaneers' a wonderful oxymoron.

In total there are 36 bases of disciplined/veteran buccaneers here and 44 bases of other buccaneers. To enable me to distinguish between disciplined and veteran units, I've also done two command bases with 4 figures each which I can swap in instead of a 3-figure command base (you can have a max of 12 bases of veterans at 6-8 bases per unit).
The 'Other' Buccaneers

Carmen Miranda with a brace of pistols. 


Yep, there's no doubt about it: That is a huge freakin' heap o' pirates... 

Bluebeard's holey trousers, Tamsin, what a tremendous amount of work! These guys are a wondrous riot of poses and colour. I particularly like the stout fellow in the third pic from the top, with the long coat and eyepatch. And then there is the bare chested lad with the brace of pistols in a classic Carmen Miranda pose - he just needs a fruit salad hat, a tight floral skirt and he'd be ready for The Copacabana. 

This horde of faaabulous pirates will give Tamsin 500 points (because not giving her the extra 4 points for this lot would somehow seem churlish). This entry will see her smash through her initial 1200 point target and she's already set her sights on the 2400 point mark for these final weeks of the Challenge. Great stuff!

Again, an amazing bit of work young lady!


  1. Holy flipping dolphin flippers! Amazing!
    Excellent job on these trouble makers Tamsin.
    I am sure they will carve out a legend for all time on tabletops.

  2. WOW!! They're wonderful and those colours!!

    Great job and congrats on exceeding your goal.

  3. Darn! That's an impressive bunch of pirates! Great job!

  4. Wow, that a colourful bunch of buccaneers. They sure know how to dress for fightin'!

  5. Ahhhhaaaahhhh.....fantastic and wonderful, Tamsin! These will look just perfect rampaging through the Sugar Islands and terrorising the Spanish Main! Really excellent work!

  6. Well I knew it would be colourful and characterful. It does not disappoint in any manner. Break out the grog and we'll share a toast to the Wargames Girl!

  7. Splice the mainbrace! A glass of grog to celebrate I think. Splendid work!

    That be fine entry there ya scurvy painter, lol
    Great stuff Tamsin

  9. wow - that's a lot of extremely well painted pirates!

  10. Thats a lot of Pirates... very nice work me'hearty.

  11. That's an insane number of pirates, well done!

  12. That is an amazing collection, but not unexpected coming from Tasmin. Well deserved points. Best, Dean

  13. Wow... that's quite lot of nicely painted and colourful pirates. Well done!

  14. Cheers folks. They are rather colourful, aren't they?

    @ Curt - "he he he he he he likes you veeeee-rry much...."
    Thanks for the 4 extra points for these. Now I've just got to work out how the heck I can make up another 800+ points in the next 4 weeks *eek!*

  15. If anyone can, it's you Tamsin.

    Well done these are fantastic


  16. Whoa! that's a shipload of pirates, alright!

    I stand amazed, well done, Tamsin!

  17. Top work Tamsin!!!! That's a lotta points!!!!

  18. Arrrrrr that be a lot of pirates! Great work Tamsin!

  19. Haha. That's all kinds of awesome Tamsin. Well done!

  20. That's pretty darn cool and something I've given some thought to. Very nice to see someone had a similar idea. Well done!


  21. WOW! That is a lot of Pirates! Love the look of massive units like that. Now, I have to ask the obvious question.... Where are the ships?

    I am sure if you ask Curt nicely he can break out his old Empire Steam tank land ship for some inspiration for you. Some 15mm ships converted to run on wheels would look cool mixed in there :-)

    Just throwing out some mad ideas for you...

  22. Oooh, more comments. thanks for the compliments guys

    @ Ian - looking at what I have ready to go, and estimating how long I think they'll take it doesn't look likely :(

    @ Christopher - Go on, go on. Go on, go on, go on! You know you want to do them.

    @ Byron - I do have a big ship from Blue Moon which I started work on last year. I'll probably get round to finishing it after the Challenge. No wheels though ;)


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