Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From PaulS: 28mm 'Achtung! Cthulhu' Servitors, Hound of Tindalos & Chthonian (32 points)

From Paul:
This entry consists of six of the Achtung! Cthulhu kickstarter models, bringing the horror of the Mythos to WW2 skirmishes. Currently they are only for use in their RPGs (assuming you're one of those that like miniatures in their sessions), but there are two sets of miniatures rules coming out later this year, which should be fun. It's also why I've painted up the commandos and some other Bolt Action stuff (more to come later in the week).
First up we have three Servitor Overlords. These are officers that command the chittering hordes of Servitors of Nyarlathotep. 
They are nice models, but like the heroes that I painted up with the commandos... scale is a bit wonky with these guys. Each one is a slightly different height and scale. Believe it or not, all three of these are lined up next to one another, so should be the same height. They symbol on the armband has been left off for the sake of some forums I'm on being based in Germany... don't want to break their forum guidelines!
Speaking of the Servitors... here's what one looks like, all tentacles and claws...

Mind the corners! Next up we have Modiphius' take on the infamous Hound of tindalos. I really like the angular nature of these things; plus it's really really delicate as each ankle is about the thickness of a small pin. Do not drop...

Lastly we have a Cthonian. The colours didn't quite come out how I imagined them in my head, but it's suitably creepy and WTF? I couldn't decide if the bubbles on the side were eyes or just lumpy bits of flesh... so for now they are flesh (or eyelids).
Like the Hound, this one was really fiddly to go together as each tentacle was a separate piece. As there were no instructions with any of these it's one of those best guess things, which seemed to work well enough.
Ooh, I'm a complete sucker for all things Cthulhu so I was clapping my hands and squealing like an 8-year old girl when I first saw these. (Hmm, that's a disturbing image onto itself. Sanity Check everyone!)

The Servitors are very nasty looking in their Hugo Boss designed coats and jackboots. The size difference doesn't really bother me - as the Elder Gods know, not all Servitors are created equal. (I also like that the MP40s are a decent size as opposed to the pop-guns on some sculpts.)

I agree, the pooch is a brilliant take on the Hound of Tindalos (it even comes with its own hard edges to assist its hunting). Nonetheless I can understand your concern to its fragility as those paw-joins seem pretty thin. 

The Chthonian is very technicolour and I love that a few of it's tentacles are giving us 'The Bird' as they emerge, somehow suiting I think. I also like the spooky shadows on the white background in the photo - it reminds me of the covers on the pulp horror novels I read as a teen.

These nasty denizens of Achtung! Cthulhu will give Paul 32 points. 


  1. Love em. I've been drooling over these minis after missing the kickstarter and would like to get my hands on some. You've done a very fine job of them.

    1. Thanks. The models are really nicely cast, but beware, some of the models (not these ones) are fiddly as hell... so only buy the Gaunts, Mi-Go, bloodborn and Draugr models if you like your models fiddly and delicate ;)

  2. These look wonderfully creepy Paul. Great work.

  3. I have failed my sanity check......drool gibber drool slaver gibber gibber drool.

    Wonderful. Nothing to add just wonderful.

  4. Never mind the sanity check, I nearly failed by credit card check!

    Well done Paul, these are superb and really capture the feel of the genre.

    1. I did fail my credit card check... I think there was only one set of miniatures from the KS that I didn't pick up!

  5. Great brushwork, but those first group of figs make me feel uncomfortable :)

  6. Aaah Cthulhu .. Joy to behold.. Nice job.

  7. Oh these are super cool figures. Why oh why didn't I get in on this. That dog is just killer. You did a great job with all that black. Well done!

  8. Awesome and creepy at the same time.
    Great job and thanks for presenting some stuff that's new.

  9. Wow - these are superb models - scary but great!

  10. Wow great minis, nice to see something different! And a nice paintjob too! I definately need to get some of these...


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