Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From AaronH: 28mm WWII American Infantry (25 points)

Aaron completes his WWII project for the Challenge with these last members of his American platoon from the 90th Division, the 'Tough Hombres'.

From Aaron:

Here’s my last WWII entry for the challenge. This round consists of five more 28mm WWII GIs from Warlord.
First up is the Lt and his Platoon Sgt. I made the Plt Sgt the only model with a jeep cap in order to make him stand out from the other models.
Next up is the bazooka team. The primary weapon is more than obvious, but his assistant also needed to stand out. I not only stuck the rocket pack on his back but gave him an M3 submachine gun (the only one in the platoon) as well. I could have given him a rocket but I’m saving that for my next team.

The last guy is a sniper. He’s armed with the M1903 Springfield equipped with a scope. He looks like he’s peering around the edge of a wall or tree, though I didn’t model that on his base.

The final picture is of the entire platoon. I’ll be adding another squad as well as support weapons, specialists and vehicles, but this is enough to get started playing. My wife bought me 'Chain of Command' for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll dig through that to see what I should work on next. I still need to paint up some opposition to these guys so a box of Wehrmacht infantry is in my near future.
In the meantime, on to the next period.
Great work Aaron. I like that you've described the purpose of each figure in the team. The grizzled sergeant in the jeep cap and the bazooka loader (very nice shoulder insignia btw) are my personal favourites. Our group has played 'Chain of Command' several times now and I think you'll enjoy it. I'll be following your blog, interested to see how you get on with the rules.

This American officer, NCO and assorted specialists will give Aaron 25 points. Well done! Now go and have some fun with them!


  1. Nice to see more standard troops as opposed to elites. I think they are great.

  2. Great work - there's something about having a force of Yanks on hand; you can use 'em against just about anything from Martians to Nazi zombies. Love the bloke with the grenade ;)

  3. Great work. They look really good.

  4. You have captured a lot of character in these



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