Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From PhilH: 28mm Coureur de Bois and Explosions (30 points)

From Phil:
This week, I also took a step back from Victoriana to submit my contribution to the Bloggers for Charity project started by James and Andrew. I hope that they will be put to good use. 
These were a bit of a slog for me as I'm unaccustomed to painting irregulars in an efficient way, but I'm glad to have them finished in time to be based with everyone else's fine contributions. The fine sculpts by AW Miniatures took the paint well and have well-defined detail, though I feel they are in the classic style, with larger hands and weapons akin to some Artizan sculpts I've painted.  
I also offer a recent side-project - explosions and subsequent craters that I've been working on. The explosions are made using the classic wire frame and clump foliage stuck on with a hot glue gun (note - this uses a lot of glue!). Sprayed black, then lightly with white. I inadvertently started using a nearly empty can of white that was spitting blobs of paint, then dusted them with a new can to neaten them a little. I do like the end result as the larger blobs go e the effect of debris. The craters are resin offerings from Warlord Games. 

The nonchalant German was painted last year and is only included for scale. These five markers will be endlessly useful, to note shock in Black Powder (the smaller ones preferably) and pinned units in Chain of Command, or just to add flavour to in game photos. 

Very nice work all around Phil. The Coureur d Bois are great - suitably varied and rustic. I'm sure whomever gets these will be delighted with them. 

The explosion markers are brilliant. I have something similar but I think I will redo mine with your hot glue idea as it sounds more resilient to tabletop accidents. Unfortunately these are not eligible for scoring as I consider them to be terrain... (I know: Boo!! Hiss!!)

These hearty 'Runners of the Woods' will give Phil 30 points. 


  1. Nice work on the coureurs Phil. They should complement the ones I painted quite nicely.

  2. Great looking Coureur de Bois Phil.

  3. Nicely done. Maybe next year Curt might consider a terrain bonus round, For small items of terrain. Just a thought,

  4. Great work Phil, on the coureurs and the explosions. I would rather pick my own eyes out with a rusty fork than paint terrain, so I envy those who manage to do it, and do it so well.

    1. Thanks Greg. It is not something I am naturally good at, but these came out rather well if I say so myself!

  5. Well done on the coureurs! Despite them apparently suffering from the dreaded monopose syndrome you managed to give every figure its own individuality.

  6. Love the figures and the explosions are excellent nice one Phil!

  7. Belated thanks for the kind words all!


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