Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From GregB: 40K Crimson Fist Assault Squad (25 points)

From Greg:
Continuing with my Crimson Fist project, here is an "assault squad" - five Marines equipped with many of the features that bring home the silliness of the grim, dark far future of Warhammer 40,000.  The Space Marines are genetically modified advanced warriors with access to incredible weapons, vehicles, power armour and artillery.  In short, they can deal with most any enemy. 
In spite of this, they for some reason see the need to equip squads of troops with pseudo-turbofan jump packs, chainsaws and heavy pistols.  Fellows like these! I guess there are some enemies you just need to bonk on the head, no matter what. 

These models are from the newer GW plastic range of figures - I would love to do Assault Marines from the Rogue Trader era, but the models are just too rare. To try and keep them consistent with my Rogue Trader marines, I used some precious spare "beakie" helmets to equip these guys. 
Since they are new models, I thought I would avoid the free-hand painted Chapter symbols and go with the handy GW decals instead.  Wrong decision - the decals are too large for the surface, and crinkle once you try and put them on the rounded shoulder pad.  They turned out like sh*t.  Complete sh*t - I nearly painted them over but figured it wasn't worth it. So it will be freehand (or fancy cast symbols) from now on…unless anyone out there knows of a better decal supplier??
Nice! I like how the old 'beakie' helmets work with the newer power armour. They seem a bit smaller than the 'stock' helmets but seem to better reinforce how big and bulky these power suits would be in relation to the men inside them.

These five assault marines will give Greg 25 points. Well done Dude!


  1. These are a great looking unit Greg. Gotta love a beakie. Working on some myself atm as it happens.

    Regards the decals, did you try a softening agent when applying? SM shoulder pads are a complete b*stard of a surface anyway, being compound curves A softening agent like MicroSol or Solvaset will help. Having said that, white vinegar will do just the same I'm told, especially if warmed beforehand. Hope that helps...

    1. Sadly no agents make a difference. The decals (at least for the Crimson Fists) are just too big, and the curve on the shoulder plates is too much. I need to find a non-decal solution...or smaller decals.

    2. For my Dark Angels, I found that two/three small snips in the outside of the decal reduced the crinkle to almost nothing.

  2. Despite them beeing not my favoured RT marines you really did a great job!

  3. They look really good! The studded shoulder pads would have added more to the RT feel, but the "beakie" helms are great! I agree with the transfers, all the work for my fists with them was ruined by having them in storage for a year. It'll be freehand or buying the fist shoulder pads.

  4. Thanks guys. David - you are quite right re: the studded shoulder pads. I am trying to track them down but there are not many bits around that are easy to come by. Chapterhouse Studios' once amazing line of shoulder pads has thinned out dramatically too. I may give in and order some bits from Forgeworld...


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