Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Ancient Roman Cavalry and Gothic Skirmishers (52 points)

From Ben:
My 20mm late antiquity project is nearing critical mass where I can start exploring the rules. I've returned to the Roman forces in this entry including a stand of light and heavy javelin cavalry. For my Romans, I'll make more light cavalry, including horse archers, than the heavy cavalry. The Goths will have the opposite ratio. Both these Roman stands are by HaT.

The Gothic skirmishers include two Strelets figures, including a conversion where I've removed the original axe and replaced it with a javelin, and one by Miniart. The semi-circular base reflects the unformed nature of the unit while retaining the base frontage.

Very nice Ben! I'm enjoying watching this collection grow week by week. I also quite like your base idea signifying unformed/skirmish units - very clever that.

These Romans and Goths will give Ben 52 points. 


  1. I am loving the fact that people are painting plastics. Splendid work. Semi Circular base, cute idea. Might have to steal that.

  2. Great brushwork on all of these; and nice conversion on the Goths. Best, Dean

  3. Nice work sir. The half-oval base is an interesting idea.

  4. great work !! the goths are nicely converted


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