Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From TimB: Feudal Japanese Archers, Bandits and Peasants (60 points)

From Tim:
Here are the last few models I'll be adding to my Sohei Buntai #1. These are Perry Miniatures Ashigaru Archers that I converted to look like monks (because perry doesn't make Monk archers)

There are pictures of the conversions before painting here: http://saskminigamer.blogspot.ca/2014/01/sohei-archer-conversion.html
This next batch will finish off my Bandit Buntai.
The might look a little "flash" for bandits... I could probably have done them in more muted tones to look a bit grubbier... I guess I could think of them as slightly more successful bandits - or even less "bandits" and more like early organized criminal gangs... like the Yakuza..? 
This is the big boss-man. The figure is from AEG's old Clan Wargame. I'll classify his BFH as a "tetsubo".
All the pretty corded armour on the boss-man's back. 
These are his immediate lieutenants - the Bandit Gashira - moderately less pitiful and slightly better armoured than the average bandits. Figures from the venerable Clan Wars range.
Again with the pretty corded armour. 
Three pee-on peasants from the Assault Group to fill out the ranks. 

This finishes off two of the ten Buntai I'm planning to have finished for the Ronin Campaign/Tournament I'll be running at my 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend at the end of February. Luckily most of the other Buntai are at least half done.

My next few entries will probably be smaller batches - each finishing up one buntai our another. Perhaps in March we'll see about taking up Millsy's challenge to drop some big 500+ point bombs.... I do have an entire division of Great War Canadians sitting in the drawer - prepped and primed and waiting to be painted....
Now to get working on my 'vehicle'... 

Wonderful work Tim. Great conversions on the archers and I must say you've really nailed the corded samurai armour with this project - that is a tremendous amount of tedious work, but the final result looks fabulous.

These Japanese archers, bandits and peasants will give Tim 60 points, with some extra added for the great conversions. Well done!


  1. Beautifully done Tim. At this rate you'll have enough figures to do a Japanese army for a big battle game!

    1. Thanks Tasmin!

      I guess I could... but man that would be pain in the but moving them all around as big units... I suppose that's what movement trays are for!

  2. Tim

    Great stuff and especially the conversions. I am assuming that the H in BFH is for hammer?

  3. Great stuff Tim. The skins tones are wonderful but the best bit it the detail on the armour!

  4. Great job on the armour." Well done.

  5. You keep upping the work on these, I too love the brushwork


  6. This has been an amazing project Tim. Great job.

  7. The work on the big boss man is stellar. It must have taken a good bit of time and skill to paint those patterns.

  8. Excellent conversions and painting. Top Notch stuff.


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