Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From SebG: 15mm ACW Union Infantry Regiment - 27th New York (62 points)

Seb sends in another Union infantry regiment to bolster his collection of Yankee Bluebellies.

From Seb:
Here is my new entry, the 27th New York, or the "Union regiment", in 15mm.
What you have here is a brand new regiment for my Longstreet brigade, the 27th New York. Once again, 10 bases full of character. I wanted the unit to look like they were in the middle of the fight. Therefore, I used a lot of different references from Old Glory: Union skirmishing, generic wounded and generic melee. 
Now this is a dramatic moment, knowing they're going to fight until the last one is standing. This is why I like Old Glory. Where else could you find soldiers in hand-to-hand and another one supporting his wounded comrade?

The flags are speculative. I just downloaded, printed and added a bit of paint to two of them that I had found on the net, in the NY flags section. All in all, you have 30 men fighting for their lifes, and one already down, clutching his head. Poor fellow.

A very nice unit Seb. You're making the best of Old Glory's wide variety of characterful castings and each of your units will tell its own tale.

This Union regiment will provide Seb with 62 points. Excellent stuff.


  1. Nicely done Seb! And some good points there!!

  2. Love the animation of this unit, Seb! The figures giving Johnny Reb what-for and leading their wounded comrades to the rear are just brilliant. Lovely basing, too.

  3. Love them, especially the wounded one being helped off the base!


  4. Nice unit. Can I ask what blues you used please?

  5. They are splendid. Very characterful.

  6. Great looking troops Seb, very animated!

  7. Nice work and so full of little details. Well done.

  8. Very fun unit, I might try something similar when I bulk my Sudam units out further


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