Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From DallasE: OldHammer Fantasy Skaven & NAC Marines (55 points)

Dallas sends in these great reinforcements to his OldHammer Skaven collection and also some new 15mm futuristic colonial marines.

From Dallas:

Six more 28mm "Oldhammer" Skaven from 1987 - five slaves and a packmaster/slave driver.

Twelve 15mm Ground Zero NAC Marines. There are 14 in the picture but the two with slightly smaller bases were painted by another painter. I bought them on TMP and tried to match them as closely as possible. Not bad but the lack of one-euro-cent coins is a serious impediment to matching the bases - I had to use dimes :-(

Anyway should be 54 more valuable points!

Lemme get this straight: You used dimes instead of pennies for the bases. Okay, hellooo? Where are you hiding the real Dallas. For those of you not in the know it must be understood that Merriam-Webster should have Dallas' smiling face below their entry for 'frugal'. So you can imagine me falling off my chair when he admits to spending an extra $1.20 to provide bases for these dozen Ground Zero guys. Geez, next we'll have cats and dogs wanting marriage licences and Germans handing out Deutsche Bank credit cards to Greeks. Amazing times we live in. :)

Great work Dallas! Love those Skaven reinforcements. They have that great 1980s quasi-flat, boy-band pose which always makes me smile. And those 15mm marines are sweet as well - I really like the muted camo scheme and their bulbous helmets.

These Skaven and Dime-Marines will give Dallas 55 points (I've giving him another point for having to make the additional fiscal sacrifice for the bases). This will give him more than enough to meet his initial Challenge points target - Well done!


  1. Nice work on the Skaven and the NAC. It's always tough trying to match someone else's painting.

  2. Nice work Dallas. The skaven are very nice but the marine are even better. The detail you've got into them is superb.

  3. Excellent work on both entries! I love these old fantasy miniatures. But didn't you think about simply rebasing your marines?

  4. Love seeing these older figures, really shows how good they were, great job on them too Dallas..

  5. heh... thanks for the shout-out Curt :-) I would've loved to get Euro-pennies for the GZG guys but they're in short supply here in Winnipeg. @Moitorei_1984 - I have more than 30 other painted Marines on the Euro-bases (including some larger multi-figure bases) and I like the work that was done, so didn't want to destroy the bases. Oh and BTW, basing the 12 guys only cost me $1.15 because the leader is on a nickel :-)

  6. Great work Dallas, on all of it

  7. Very nice and what a way of getting over the points total


  8. Those Skavens are so cool and I like how you made the members of the unit individuals by using different colours for the head dresses.

    And Curt- " Germans handing out Deutsche Bank credit cards to Greeks. Amazing times we live in. :)" That's brilliant!

  9. The skavens are great! I love the colours you used, just perfectly suited for Skavens.

  10. Nice set of figures. I really do like the GZG NAC Marines. If I come across any Euro Coins (Small denominations) I will pass them on!


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